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This is our archive of past news. The latest news is found on our home page.


Quarterly Report & Final Report

Progress Report - Quarter 8 & Final Report (PDF Document) (713 KB)

Provincial Government Announces 1 Year Funding for FAO

Jan 22/13

The BC Government has announced that it will contribute funding for an additional one year for the operation of the Farmers' Advocacy Office.

The contract to provide Farmers' Advocacy Office services is being tendered. The Request for Services with a closing date of February 18, 2013 can be viewed on the web sites of the Peace River Regional District and BC Bid.

The current contract with Aspen Grove Property Services expires on February 28.


Independent Land Information and Advocacy Office (Farmers’ Advocate) Review 2012.

The review of the Farmers' Advocacy Office prepared for the Management Committee by Ellen Frisch & Associates is available online, in a November 22, 2012 Report to the Peace River Regional District Board PDF


Farmers' Advocacy Office gets support from PRRD

Dec 6/12

View the Northeast News Article PDF

View the Report adopted by the Peace River Regional District Board PDF that recommends renewal of the Farmers' Advocacy Office.


Surface Lease Taxes in Arrears?

Oct 15/12
We have had a number of enquiries from landowners who have received a copy of a property tax arrears notice from the BC Surveyor of Taxes, for well sites on their land.

This is a concern because it may indicate that the oil and gas company is in financial trouble.

Here are two facts that we have confirmed with the Surveyor of Taxes:

  1. The land owner will not be liable for the outstanding taxes because the asset being taxed is not a fee simple asset, it is a lease.
  2. There will be no collection action against rural land owners.

There is cause for concern if a company is in financial difficulty. A landowner needs to be aware in case a company abandons its operations, so that recourse can be sought through the Oil and Gas Commission's Orphan Fund for clean-up and removal.


October 2012 Quarterly Report

Have a look at the latest Quarterly Report PDF (1,443 KB) of the Farmers' Advocacy Office (October 2012).

Program Review

Oct 15/12
Thank you to all Farmers' Advocacy Office clients who participated in the survey and review of our services recently conducted by Ellen Frisch & Associates for the Peace River Regional District. We look forward to learning the results.

Ministry of Energy and Mines Consultation Paper

April 2/12
Ministry of Energy and Mines releases Consultation Paper on Information Sharing by the Surface Rights Board
PDF (63 KB)

  • The proposal would result in the online publishing of information derived from the surface leases that the Board collects. Public input was sought on what information should and should not be published, and how any published information should be presented.
  • The deadline for comments has now passed, but you can read the Farmers' Advocacy Office's Response to the Consultation Paper PDF (303 KB)

Domestic Water Well Survey

Feb 2/12

The Ministry of Environment is conducting a domestic water well survey in Northeast BC. See the Water Well Survey Cover Letter (PDF Document) and the Northeast BC Groundwater Aquifer Study Brochure (PDF Document) for a survey description and how to contact them so that you can take part. Any domestic well, even if it is currently unused or used for stock watering should become part of the inventory. They will be doing water quality testing as well.

Health Concerns?

Feb 2/12

Do you have health concerns about oil & gas development in Northeastern BC? Fraser Basin Council needs your comments by March 7, 2012.

See the Backgrounder (PDF Document) for ways to contact them and if you wish:

PRRD Supports the FAO

The Peace River Regional District passed a motion at their October 27, 2011 meeting stating that the Regional District "staff be requested to work with the Farmers' Advocate Management Committee towards ensuring that funding will be available to continue with the Farmers' Advocacy program for the next four years."

Quarterly Reports

Progress Report - Quarter 1 (PDF Document) (1,069 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 2 (PDF Document) (1,480 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 3 (PDF Document) (859 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 4 (PDF Document) (1,173 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 5 (PDF Document) (303 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 6 (PDF Document) (717 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 7 (PDF Document) (1,443 KB)

Progress Report - Quarter 8 (PDF Document) (713 KB)

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