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Bonavista Energy Must Truck Water To Family Farm, Alberta Regulator Orders

An Alberta energy company has been ordered to truck water to a family dairy farm where groundwater has been contaminated by chemicals from a nearby gas plant. Read more...

Be on guard for land agents with ‘questionable ethics’

Read the recent article from titled "Be on guard for land agents with ‘questionable ethics’"

2015 Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
Report by Rachelle Tink

Rachelle Tink, UBC student in the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate Program, and Appraisal Institute of Canada candidate, works at Aspen Grove Property Services as an appraiser during summer breaks.  Rachelle prepared an assignment for a Technical Writing course, which we think is an interesting and informative read for land owners in the Peace Country. 

2015 Petroleum and Natural Gas Act Report - Rachelle Tink

Enjoy the article, and be sure to contact the Farmers’ Advocacy Office at 250-782-1233 with any of your surface lease or right of way questions.

Surface Lease Taxes in Arrears?

Oct 22, 2014

We have had a number of enquiries from landowners who have received a copy of a property tax arrears notice from the BC Surveyor of Taxes, for well sites on their land.

This is a concern because it may indicate that the oil and gas company is in financial trouble. Here are two facts that we have confirmed with the Surveyor of Taxes:

  1. The land owner will not be liable for the outstanding taxes because the asset being taxed is not a fee simple asset, it is a lease.
  2. There will be no collection action against rural land owners.

There is cause for concern if a company is in financial difficulty. A landowner needs to be aware in case a company abandons its operations, so that recourse can be sought through the Oil and Gas Commission's Orphan Fund for clean-up and removal.

If you have paid tax arrears or penalties this year, seek a refund from the Surveyor of Taxes at your Government Agent's office.

Fort St. John: 250-787-3350 Dawson Creek: 250-784-2224 Chetwynd: 250-788-2239

This is a Public Service Notice from the Farmers' Advocacy Office

10300-10th St., Dawson Creek, BC V1G 3T6

Phone: 250-782-1233
Toll-free: 1-877-503-2765
Fax: 250-782-1278


PSAC Completes Hydraulic Fracturing Code of Conduct

Farmers Advocacy Office staff attended community engagement sessions that led to the Petroleum Services Association of Canada completing a hydraulic fracturing code of conduct for companies in the oil and gas service sector. Learn more about the new Hydraulic Fracturing Code of Conduct .

ALC and OGC Sign New Delegation Agreement

The amount of land that can be used for oil and gas activities without ALC approval has been increased.

OGC Report on Oil and Gas Land Use in Northeast BC

Quarterly Report & Final Report

Progress Report - Quarter 8 & Final Report (PDF Document) (713 KB)


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who we are

The Farmers' Advocacy Office has the primary goal of equipping land owners to deal in their own best interests in the negotiation of surface leases and rights of way associated with the oil and gas industry.

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How the System Works

before you sign a surface lease...

The Farmers’ Advocacy Office is finding that many surface leases do NOT comply with BC Law. Before signing surface lease documents, make sure the lease document complies with the Surface Lease Regulation B.C. Reg. 497/74 (link opens in a new window).

The Farmers' Advocacy Office has been advised that work on these regulations will be undertaken as part of an overall review of the
Petroleum and Natural Gas Act - we will update further when we have more information.

The Farmers' Advocacy Office has responded to the Ministry of Energy and Mines consultation paper on information sharing by the Surface Rights Board. Read the FAO's response.


Government Action Required



landowners are still waiting for the BC Government to pass regulations giving the Surface Rights Board the tools necessary to make surface lease information available to the public.

Without access to this surface lease information, landowners remain at a disadvantage when negotiating for fair compensation.

The Oil and Gas Activities Act and amendments to the PNG Act came into force on October 4, 2010. The Surface Rights Board still lacks government regulations to

  • penalize companies that do not file their landowner surface leases, and
  • publish the surface leases that are filed

Right now, Peace region landowners may view those leases that have been filed, between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 at the offices of the Surface Rights Board in Richmond!

The Farmers' Advocacy Office is working with the Surface Rights Board to access the small number of surface leases that have been filed by some companies, and to make them available on our Surface Lease Map.

However, until all surface leases are filed, and made publicly accessible, landowners remain at a disadvantage.

Now is the time to level the playing field, comply with the law (link opens in a new window), and equip landowners with the information they were promised!

Read more in our Quarterly Reports...